Nik Kershaw Newcastle City Hall 1984

Nik Kershaw Newcastle City Hall 1984
nik84 Nik Kershaw was very busy in 1984. He released two albums, Human Racing and The Riddle and had five hit singles: I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Human Racing, Wouldn’t It Be Good, Dancing Girls, and The Riddle. I saw him at the massive Elton John show at Wembley stadium that summer, and on his winter tour, when he called at Newcastle City Hall. His backing band (who even had their own billing on the ticket!) were known as The Krew, and consisted of local lad, and old friend, Keith Airey on guitar, along with Tim Moore, Mark Price, and Dennis Smith. The tour was to promote The Riddle which is quite a strangely structured, but also very catchy song, which was a great favourite of mine at the time, and remains so to this day. nikprog I remember the place being packed and big singalongs for Wouldn’t it be Good and The Riddle :). Support act for the tour was Scary Thieves. I’m afraid I have no recollection at all of them! Wiki reports: Scary Thieves were a short-lived English 1980s New Wave band, best known for their 1984 hit “Tell Me Girl” and their 1985 hit “The Waiting Game”.
“Near a tree by a river, There’s a hole in the ground, Where an old man of Aran, Goes around and around, And his mind is a beacon, In the veil of the night, For a strange kind of fashion, There’s a wrong and a right, But he’ll never, never fight over you” (The Riddle, Nik Kershaw, 1984).

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