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Sammy Hagar Newcastle City Hall 1982

Sammy Hagar Newcastle City Hall 1982
Support from Grand Prix
hagartix1982 This was the last time I saw Sammy Hagar in concert. By 1982 he had released 7 solo albums, and was continuing to have success both in the UK and the USA. His solo career was to come to an end a couple of years later when he joined Van Halen. I saw Halen a couple of times with Dave Lee Roth as lead singer, but I never saw them with Sammy Hagar. Support for this tour, the Standing Hampton tour, came from Grand Prix who were hagarprog1982 “A British Pomp Rock band of high repute; coming to prominence during the NWOBHM era, but purveyed a slicker, AOR tinged melodic Rock that gave the act distinction amongst their more rustic counterparts.” (from Grand Prix featured ex-Sad Cafe keyboardist Phil Lanzon, who is now in Uriah Heep (and who I saw last week at Stockton). Setlist from the Glasgow gig of the tour: Heavy Metal; This Planet’s on Fire (Burn in Hell); Plain Jane; Baby’s on Fire; I’ll Fall in Love Again; Trans Am (Highway Wonderland); Sweet Hitchhiker; Love or Money; Inside Lookin’ In; Can’t Get Loose; Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend; I’ve Done Everything for You; Rock Candy; Space Station #5. Encore: Whole Lotta Love; There’s Only One Way to Rock; Turn Up The Music; Red / Satisfied

Sammy Hagar Newcastle City Hall 1980

Sammy Hagar Newcastle City Hall 1980
Support from US heavy metal band Riot
hagartix1980 This tour was billed as the Loud and Clear tour. The original billing listed April Wine as the support act. If my memory serves me right (and it often doesn’t 🙂 ) April Wine dropped out as they elected to do their own headline tour, and they were replaced by US heavy metal merchants Riot. Sammy Hagar live was a full-on, raucous, high energy rock experience. Sammy had boundless energy and would run around the stage, slamming riffs out of his guitar. He would always give 110% and was great fun to see live. hagarprog1980 I found a setlist from 1980. I guess that the set at Newcastle will have been similar to this: Trans Am (Highway Wonderland); Love or Money; Miles From Boredom; Reckless; In the night; Young Girl Blues; Plain Jane; 20th Century Man; The Iceman; This Planet’s on Fire; Turn Up The Music; Red; Bad Motor Scooter. Encore: Bad Reputation; Space Station #5; Cruisin’ and Boozin’; Growing Pains. A live album exists from this period, which also includes some of the above songs. By the time of this tour Hagar had released 5 albums in 4 years, which is pretty good going. It was to be another couple of years before I saw him again at the City Hall.

Sammy Hagar Newcastle Mayfair 1979

Sammy Hagar Newcastle Mayfair 1979
Support from Def Leppard
hagartix1979 I first saw Sammy Hagar when he was with Montrose. They were a great hard rock band, and supported Status Quo at Newcastle City Hall on a tour in the early 70s. They delivered a strong set and actually gave the mighty Quo a bit of a run for their money. I also saw them in 1974 when they played at Charlton football ground, as one of the support acts for the Who. Their most famous song was Bad Motor Scooter which was apparently the first song that Sammy Hagar wrote. Hagar split from Ronnie Montrose in 1975 and pursued a solo career, going on to some considerable success in the late 70s and early 80s. One of his most well known songs from that solo period was Red, on which he built his own style, leading to his nickname of The Red Rocker. I remember red programmes, red clothing, and red guitars all became part of his shows around that time. Hagar live was a full-on high energy hard rock experience, fast and loud. He would always play Red, Bad Motor Scooter and Space Station No 5. Great stuff. This gig at the Mayfair had the added attraction of up and coming NWOBHM band Def Leppard as support act. More Def Leppard memories here