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Peter Straker New Tyne Theatre Newcastle 26th Nov 1977

Peter Straker New Tyne Theatre Newcastle 26th Nov 1977
strakertixSorry if my posts are a little short for the next few days. We are off to Glastonbury, so I have set up a few posts and scheduled them to appear each day, but my time was limited so they are briefer than they would normally be (and there will probably be even more typos than normal, which is saying something 🙂 ). I will return to normal next week and will also reflect on our Glastonbury experiences.
Anyway onward with the first of my pre-written and scheduled entries which is going to be Peter Straker. This guy was simply amazing! Peter Straker is a Jamaican born singer and actor, best known for appearances in Doctor Who (in the 1979 serial Destiny of the Daleks) and for being a friend of Freddie Mercury. He starred as Hud in the original 1968 London production of ‘Hair’. More recently his critically acclaimed one man show ‘Peter Straker’s Brel’ has featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In 1977 Peter Straker was forging a career as a pop star, and had just released an album “This One’s on Me” which was produced by Freddie Mercury and Roy Thomas Baker. The tracks on the album were: Ada; I’ve Been To Hell & Back; The Day The Talkies Came; Heart Be Still; Alabama Song; Ragtime Piano Joe; Jackie; The Annual Penguin Show; The Saddest Clown; Vamp. His set consisted of tracks from the album. Straker’s performance was simply sensational, very theatrical, passionate and emotional. I remember both Marie and I really enjoyed the concert and thought that this guy was going to be massive. He has found success following a more theatrical path. The theatre was pretty empty, as I recall, which was a shame.