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AK-7 Marquis of Granby 23rd May 2010

AK-7 Marquis of Granby 23rd May 2010

The Marquis of Granby is a lovely pub on the road from Gateshead to Consett. AK-7 were playing there on a Sunday night to a crowd of locals and friends and family. This was the first time out for a new set of speakers in the PA system and also the chance to try out a couple of new songs. The set was, as usual, split into two spots. Christina, Laura and the lads were all on top form and their blend of rock and pop songs went down well with the crowd who gave them a great reception.

AK-7 Chester le Street Friday 25 September 2009

AK-7 Chester le Street Friday 25 September 2009

AK-7 are an up and coming band from the North East who play their own songs and some rock covers; including classics by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and more up to date songs by Muse and others. Christina’s brother is drummer in the band and Laura has been along to see them several times with Christina and her family. Their singer has recenlty left, and as they had a gig lined up in Chester le Street, Christina and Laura have taken up the mike(s) and were tonight taking the lead vocal duties.

The gig was at a private retirement party and is at a social club in Chester le Street. Laura has been rehearsing for some time for tonight, and Marie and I were (for the first time) allowed to come along and see her perfoprm. The club is in the middle of a housing estate and took a little time to find (mental note: I must take my sat nav next time I go to an unfamiliar place). When we arrived we joined Christina’s family and their friends on table towards the back of the hall.

Before long the band took to the stage. Laura and Christina took turns at lead vocals. They were both in great voice and the band, who are all still quite young, are all talented musicians. The set was a mixture of rock classics and a couple of songs written by the band. Highlights for me were Christina singing Blondie’s Call Me and Laura singing Whole Lotta Love. A good night with a great young band (and a great buffet!).


The setlist included (I think; Laura will correct me if this wrong!): Vertigo- U2; Hanging on the telephone- Blondie; I love rock n roll- Joan Jett and the Black Hearts; Blacknight- Deep Purple; Hysteria- Muse; Holiday- Green Day; The World Is Waiting- AK7; Tie your moher down- Queen; Question of time- AK7; Sweet Child of Mine- Guns N’ Roses; You give love a bad name – Bon Jovi; Whole lotta love – Led Zeppelin; Call Me – Blondie.