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Can Newcastle City Hall 1974 and Redcar 1977

Can Newcastle City Hall 1974 and Redcar 1977
I went along to this gig out of curiosity as much as anything else. I’d read a lot about Can in the music press, and heard a few tracks, although I didn’t own any of their albums. It seemed a cool and trendy sort of gig to go to, so off I went to the City Hall, by myself as I often was. By 1974 Can had released 5 albums, and vocalist Damo Suzuki had just left the band. The set was largely instrumental, heavy on the bass courtesy of Holger Czukay, with lots of free form improvisation, very avant-garde and quite challenging. The songs were quite drawn out, some lasting up to 20 minutes. I enjoyed the gig, and am pleased that I went to see them. Support came from Crow, who became the Buster James Band a few years later, and are not to be confused with an American band of the same name. I got to see Can again a few years later, this time with a group of mates, at Redcar Coatham Bowl. That gig was in March 1977, I have a stub from a gig that year, but the name of the band has been torn off (which suggests it was a short name, like Can).