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Pentangle Reunion Tour The Sage Gateshead

Pentangle Reunion Tour

The Sage Gateshead July 12

I can’t remember whether I ever saw Pentangle before; I know that they played quite a lot of times at Sunderland Empire and I have a feeling that I might have gone to see them their once in the 70s but I couldn’t swear to it. I’d read a lot of good reviews of the reunion shows, and thought I would go along and see what I made of them.  The Sage is a wonderful venue with a lovely concert hall, and also offers cheap tickets for many of it shows (£7 each). You are seated right up in the top balcony above the stage, but the view isn’t bad, and well worth the price. So I’d bought a couple of these cheaper tickets and went along with Laura to the show.

I have a couple of the albums at home, and had been playing Basket of Light for a couple of days prior to the show to get into the mood; but the only song that I know really well is Light Flyte which came quite early on in the set. I quite enjoyed this concert, they are all excellent musicians and the reaction of the crowd was very positive. Laura wasn’t too impressed; it’s not really her cup of tea.

After the show we lined up and got my programme signed by all members. Laura got a flyer for the show signed.

my programme fully signed by all members

my programme fully signed by all members

ticket for the concert

ticket for the concert

Set list (this is actually the set list from Harrogate that I got from the Talkawhile message board; but I would guess that the Sage show would be very similar; if not identical; apologies if I am way off here!)

Set 1:
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Light Flyte
Hunting Song
Once I Had A Sweetheart
Market Song
In Time
People On The Highway
House Carpenter
Cruel Sister

Set 2:
The Time Has Come
Bruton Town
No Love Is Sorrow
I Am A Maid That’s Deep In Love
I’ve Got A Feeling
The Snows
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
No More My Lord
Sally free And Easy
The Wedding Dress Song
“Thank yous…”
encore break
Rain And Snow
Willie O’ Winsbury

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