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Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings Sage Gateshead 29 Oct 2011

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings with special guest Mary Wilson from the Supremes
The Sage Gateshead 29 Oct 2011
Will and I went to see Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings at the Sage last night. We were upstairs in the cheap seats looking down directly onto the stage; its quite high up there, but you still have a great view. It was my first experience of the Rhythm Kings; the last time I saw Bill Wyman was with the Rolling Stones. Bill’s current band consists of, among others, jazz/r&b/pop stalwart Georgie Fame and veteran ace country-rock guitar picker Albert Lee. For this tour they are joined by Mary Wilson of the Supremes. These are all truly experienced pros, and they delivered what you would expect, an evening of polished, well-played classics.
The set was split into two, and Mary Wilson joined the band for a few songs in each set. The evening started with a laid back Bill Wyman strolling onto the stage and introducing the band one by one. Then they were straight into a collection of r&b, blues, rock n roll and skiffle. The songs were classics including tracks by the Everly Brothers, Ray Charles, the Coasters, Lonnie Donegan, Howling Wolf, and Chuck Berry. Will and I were expecting some songs made famous by the band members, perhaps in a similar manner to the way in which Ringo Starr’s band operates, but that was not to be. So no Bonnie and Clyde or Yeh Yeh from Georgie Fame, and no Country Boy from Albert Lee. This was a Rhythm Kings show and what we got was an evening of great rhythm and blues.
Mary Wilson treated us to some Supremes and Motown (Baby Love, Can’t Hurry Love, Stop in the Name of Love, and Dancing in the Streets). She looks great; in fact they all do (she is 67, and Bill is 75!). Other stand outs were Three Cool Cats, Stormy Weather (a duet by Mary and Georgie) and Its a Mans World (sung by vocalist Beverley Skeete). The last song was Honky Tonk Women sung (quite well) by Bill. Great stuff. Will and I both enjoyed it; perhaps the old ones are still the best. Next week I go to see Roy Harper at his 70th Birthday concert at the Royal Festival Hall; everyone I go to see now is getting pretty old….(and so am I…)
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