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The Hull Story Newcastle City Hall 2005

hullstorytix Ten years after the sad passing of Alan Hull, this gig was held at Newcastle City Hall to celebrate Alan’s life. Several special guests took part in the gig and played many of Alan’s songs to capacity crowd. Ray Jackson came out of retirement specially for the show. The concert also featured members of Lindisfarne; Prelude; The Motorettes; Kathryn Tickell and Jimmy Nail. A monologue was provided by Terry Morgan, whilst playwright Tom Pickard gave a reading of a piece of Alan’s poetry. This was a great celebration of the great man’s music and quite an emotional gig. A DVD of the concert was made and is pretty fine too. hullstoryprog Full cast list: Featuring Phil Armstrong, Michael Bailey, Alan Clark, Simon Cowe, Andrew Craggs, Marty Craggs, Steve Cunninghan, Steve Daggett, Brian Duffy, Tommy Duffy, Mike Elliott, Frankie Gibbon, Charlie Harcourt, Graham Hardy, Brendan Healy, Tim Healy, John Hedley, Robin Howe, Brian Hume, Irene Hume, Ray Jackson, Jack Laidlaw, Jed Laidlaw, Ray Laidlaw, Ian McCallum, Finn McCardle, John Miles Jnr, Billy Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Terry Morgan, Jimmy Nail, Paul Nichols, Tom Pickard, Greg Pullen, Rachael Rhodes, Chris Ringer, Stephen Robson, Bob Smeaton, Paul Smith, Julian Sutton, Kathryn Tickell and Peter Tickell. Setlist: Track Listing: Do What I Want; The Hully Variations; United States Of Mind; Dingly Dell; You’re The One; Malvinas Melody; All Fall Down; Court In The Act; Scarecrow Song; The Morgan Monologue; Peter Brophy Don’t Care; Make Me Want To Stay; Evergreen; A Reading From The Mocking Horse; Mystery Play; I Hate To See You Cry; Long Way From Home; 100 Miles To Liverpool; Money; This Heart Of Mine; Winter Song; River; Taking Care of Business; Numbers (Travelling Band); Walk In The Sea; Lady Eleanor; January Song; Fog On The Tyne; Clear White Light; Run For Home

Alan Hull Newcastle City Hall 1977: “Jimmy Carter for the Whitehouse; Alan Hull for the City Hall”

Alan Hull Newcastle City Hall 1977
alanhulltix This gig took place while Lindisfarne were taking a break as a band, and had officially split, although a reunion Christmas concert took place in 1976. The gig was promoted by Lindisfarne promoter Barry McKay and was heavily promoted around the town with a set of posters proclaiming: “Jimmy Carter for the Whitehouse; Alan Hull for the City Hall”. The bill comprised Alan with his new band the Radiators, Harcourt’s Heroes featuring Ray Jackson and Charlie Harcourt, and Hutch who worked with David Bowie in the 60s as one of his closest sidemen, and part of his early bands the Buzz, and the Hype. He was also a member of the Spiders from Mars at one point. alanhullprog The City Hall was packed and there was a great buzz about this concert. Alan had released two solo albums: Pipe Dream and Squire, and the set was drawn largely from them. Hutch was first up, performing solo with an acoustic guitar playing a mix of folk and country tinged songs. Then Harcourt’s Heroes with Jacka took to the stage. I don’t recall much about their set to be honest. Alan was great. The first half of the set was acoustic before he introduced the band which featured Kenny Craddock-Keyboards; Peter Kirtley-Guitars; John Ashcroft-Keyboards; Colin Gibson-Bass; Ray Laidlaw-Drums; and Terry Popple-Drums. The setlist was: Breakfast; United States Of Mind; Money Game; January Song; Lady Eleanor; One More Bottle Of Wine; A Walk In The Sea; Winter Song; Corporation Rock; Madmen And Loonies; Love Is The Alibi; Love Is The Answer; Band Introduction; I Wish You Well; Make Me Want To Stay; Somewhere Out There; Dancing On The Judgement Day; Anywhere Is Everywhere; Fog On The Tyne. Winter Song is one of my favourite songs of all time; just beautiful. A great gig.

Unveiling of Alan Hull memorial plaque Newcastle City Hall 19 July 2012

Unveiling of Alan Hull memorial plaque Newcastle City Hall 19 July 2012
A Newcastle City Memorial Plaque was unveiled today outside Newcastle City Hall to celebrate the life of Alan Hull, who died in 1995. Lindisfarne played at the City Hall over 100 times, and their Christmas concerts were part of the annual festivities for many of us during the 70s and 80s.
I was aiming to go along to the unveiling this morning, but was in a meeting at work which ran late, so I missed the actual unveiling. I did, however, make it through just in time to catch the end of a short set by Ray Jackson. Ray performed after the unveiling, on a small stage set up outside the entrance to the City Hall. A crowd of around 100 had gathered outside the City Hall for the occasion. Ray Jackson and the band, which consisted of Ray, Dave Hull Denholm and Ian Thomson on double bass, played: All Fall Down; Clear White Light; Lady Eleanor; Fog On The Tyne.
I spent some time today running through my own memories of Alan Hull and Lindisfarne. Things I remember are; Sitting at the back of the City Hall stage in the early 70s watching Lindisfarne take the crowd through songs from the first couple of albums; everyone singing along; we can swing together. Clear White Light; the encore; Sunderland Rink, standing on chairs with a group of friends from school; at the back of the ballroom; everyone just mental; we sang and sang. Standing with a group of mates; on top of our home made shack/tent; at the Lincoln Festival 1972; Lindisfarne were one of the highlights of the weekend. Going to the Alan Hull solo concert at the City Hall in the mid 70s; he played lots of songs from his solo lps; Pipedream and Squire. Marie and I singing along to Run From Home; standing on a table; a packed Redcar Coatham Bowl; 1978; the single high in the charts. Lots of Christmas concerts at the City Hall. There were many more highlights, but the one memory which really sticks in my mind is Alan standing centre stage alone, spotlight on him, at the City Hall singing Winter Song. Just beautiful. “When Winter’s shadowy fingers first pursue you down the street; And your boots no longer lie about the cold around your feet; Do you spare a thought for summer whose passage is complete; Whose memories lie in ruins and whose ruins lie in heat; When winter….. comes howling in.”