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Frankie Goes To Hollywood Newcastle City Hall 1985

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Newcastle City Hall 1985
frankietix I only saw Frankie Goes to Hollywood once, when their 1985 UK tour called at Newcastle City Hall. Frankie were everywhere in 1984 and 1985. I remember going to a concert at Wembley Stadium (think it may have been Elton John, or Wham) and almost everyone there (except my mate and me) were wearing a “Frankie Says” t-shirt (probably an exaggeration, but you know what I mean). They were that big. This was in the days of postal application for tickets, and tickets for this gig sold out straight away. However, we were lucky enough to get four seats and I went along with Marie, her sister and her niece, who were all massive Frankie fans. frankieprog The concert was quite theatrical and spectacular and was based around Frankie’s first album Welcome to the Pleasuredrome, with the hit singles Relax, Two Tribes, and Power of Love being great favourites. Power of Love had just been released at the time. The band were at the height at the time, and the buzz around and them, and the great singles, made this a powerful and fun gig. They were to tour once more, in mainland Europe, a couple of years later and then the band imploded and split. A setlist for the London gig in 1985 shows the songs played as: War; Love has got a gun; The only star in Heaven; Black night white light; The power of love; Pleasuredome; The world is my oyster; Get it on; Relax; Krisco kisses; Two tribes; Born to run; Ferry across the Mersey; Relax; Bang. I am sure the set at the Newcastle gig will have been the same. The covers of Ferry across the Mersey and Born to Run both appeared on the Pleasuredrome lp. Get it on is a cover of the T Rex song and appeared on the Pleasuredrome single.