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Thomas Dolby Newcastle City Hall 1984

Thomas Dolby Newcastle City Hall 1984
Thomas Dolby is better known as a producer of acts such as Foreigner and Def Leppard, than as a performer or recording astist. However, he did hit the UK singles chart in 1982 with “Windpower” and “She Blinded me with Science”, and again in 1984 with the single “Hyperactive!” He toured in 1984 off the back of this success, and I saw him at his concert at Newcastle City Hall. The gig wasn’t well attended, but was good fun. Dolby was see as a sort of mad musical scientist of the time. I remember the voice of Magnus Pike featuring on “She Blinded me with Science”. Thomas was interviwed by Record Mirror at the time and said of the US leg of The Flat Earth Tour: “All the money I’ve ever made I’ve invested in this tour. If it doesn’t pay off I’ll be broke – if it does I’ll be a millionaire. I have no aspirations for speedboats and fast living. I need to sell records because it’s a measure of success. I don’t need to make money beyond being comfortable and having cash for new projects.” A bootleg exist of the London date which was at the Dominion Theatre. The setlist will probably be the same as I experienced at the Newcastle concert and consists of 11 songs: Dissidents; The Flat Earth; One Of Our Submarines; Puppet Theatre; New Toy; Airwaves; I Scare Myself; Hyperactive!; Europa And The Pirate Twins; She Blinded Me With Science; Windpower.