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Shift-Static Sound 11 The Sage Gateshead 5 March 2011

Shift-Static in Sound ’11: Electronica and World Rhythms
Saturday 5 March 8:00 pm Hall Two, The Sage Gateshead

Sound 11 is an annual event which showcases the best in local student music and performance. Shift-Static shared the bill at this event in a three band concert at the end of the evening in Hall 2. The other bands on the bill were Dale Burundanga who (from the programme) “play unique arrangements of Afro-Peruvian tunes”, and Hannabiell and Midnight Blue “with their distinctive African-influenced funk and jazz”. The programme said of Shift-Static: “Shift Static combine warped ambient samples with home-brewed instruments and stunning vocals.”

This was Shift-Static’s highest profile gig to date, and the guys had spent months rehearsing and preparing for it. And it showed.
They came on last around 10.20 and performed a short 30 minute set comprising five of their songs. Each song was performed to perfection with Gordon’s soaring, reverb-ridden lead, Will’s jangling rhythm guitar, Charlie’s samples and beats, Joe’s pounding bass, and Laura’s haunting vocals. The music was accompanied by an excellent light and visual show which had been specially designed for the night by Ed (lights) and Mark and Will (visuals), who are Newcastle students. Laura was dressed in a lovely psychedelic original 60s dress which gave out a nice fluorescent glow under the lights.
You can see them performing Haystacks here:

and Father’s Footsteps here:

Friends and family had assembled to be part of the event and the band didn’t let us down. The performance was stunning, and showed how their songs and approach fits well with a venue of this sort. Can’t wait to see the full video.
IL1 / IL2
Get the Echo
Fathers Footsteps Part 1
The Furrow



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