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60s Gold The Sage Gateshead November 8th 2011

60s Gold tour The Sage Gateshead November 8th 2011
I can’t resist classic 60s bands. This show featured Gerry Marsden, The Searchers, The Fortunes and Chip Hawkes.
I’d bought two cheap tickets up in the gallery looking down onto the stage some time ago for this show. When it came to the night of the concert and after a very hectic day at work, I was feeling knackered and was in two minds whether to go. I guess I was also still feeling tired from the weekend in London seeing Roy Harper. However David said he’d come along with me so off we went to the Sage. My prime reason for buying the tickets was to see The Fortunes, as I’ve seen the other bands on the bill. When we arrived The Fortunes were on stage. They performed a pretty slick set of their hits such as You’ve Got Your Troubles and Storm in Teacup. The band has being touring consistently since the 60s, the line-up having changed along the way, with the last of the original band, Rod Allen, sadly passing away in 2008. Our compere (yes this was a proper 60s show) then introduced The Searchers. I’ve seen The Searcher on a number of occasions, the last being around 10 years or so ago. They always put on a professional show, and this was no exception with the hits Needles and Pins, Don’t Throw Your Love Away and What Have They Done to the Rain still sounding great. Guitarist John McNally was 70 this year and singer Frank Allen can’t be far behind him (is everyone I go to see now 70?) yet they still clearly enjoy playing and show no sign of slowing down.
David and I were both tired and beat a retreat home during the interval (sorry Gerry and Chip…will catch you next time).


programme (its very black and gold and didn't scan well.....)

The Tremeloes, Hermans Hermits Tyne Theatre 26 Nov

The Tremeloes, Hermans Hermits Tyne Theatre 26 Nov 2010
This was another gulity pleasure night with Will and I going to see these 60s bands at the Tyne Theatre. The weather was awful last night and I rand Will to say that I didn’t fancy driving through the snow to Newcastle. Will offered to drive us and saved the day. The weather did put a lot of people off, however, apparently 900 tickets had been sold for the show but only around 600 people turned out on the night because of the poor weather conditions.
We arrived just before the show started and bought a programme and raffle tickets to win a guitar which had been signed by all the bands.
Compere (yes! this was a cheesy 60s show after all) for the evening was Alan Mosca from teh Dreamers who was both entertaining and annoying. First up was Union Gap who have no members from the US 60s band with Gary Puckett. None the less they did respectable versions of Young Girl, Lady Willpower and other 60s hits.
After a short break Hermans Hermits took the stage. This band have kept going since the 60s, but only the original drummer Barry Whitwam remains from the band who had all the hits. Peter Noone left to go solo in 1971, and the band has continued to tour since then, playing all the hits. So we got I’m into Something Good, Silhouettes, No Milk Today, Kind of Hush and many others. All delivered well.
Last act of the evening was the Tremeloes. They have two original members Dave Munden who drums and sings (and has been in the band since 1958: frightening!) and Rick Westwood on guitar. All of the hits were played and sounded great; pretty true to the originals (Dave sand most of them originally). Particular favourites for me were Here Comes my Baby and the encore Even the Bad Times are Good. I even sort of enjoyed Silence is Golden. Not sure the leather trousers are appropriate these days however lads.
The show finished with all of the bands on stage playing rock n roll standards and Rick playing the signed guitar which some lucky guy (not us) had won. Around 10.30 we went out into a very cold and snowy Newcastle. Some chips at the corner fish shop and then Will braved the roads (which were terrible) and got us home safely.
Alan (our compere) told us that they will be abck next year.

I hate printed tickets