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Michel Legrand and Alison Moyet Sage Gateshead

Michel Legrand and Alison Moyet Ths Sage Gateshead Feb 18 2009

The Thomas Crown Affair is a great film and Windwills of Your Mind is one of my all time favourite songs.  This show was by Michel Legrand and his orchestra with Alison Moyet joining him for a few songs (including Windmills).  I’d read that the first half was instrumental only, with Legrand and his orchestra playing selections from some of the  many film scores which he has written in his long (he is in his late 70s) career.  Alison was due to join during the second half.  So I timed my arrival to hit the interval (I really was just going along to hear Windwills; I also had to be up at 6am the next morning to go to London for a meeting).

My timing jus about worked. I arrived just as the first half was finishing. I bought a programme and took a seat at the back upstairs (I had a cheap ticket; and upstairs was by no means full). Legrand opened the second half with a couple of instrumentals and a song which he sang himself. He then introduced Alison Moyet who sang 6 or 7 songs.  Windmills of  Your Mind was sung as a duet with Legrand; pretty good and great to see the composer playing it. I also recognised What are you doing the rest of your life, and one other which sounded familiar.  Alison left and Legrand and the orchestra played a selection from the theme to the Thomas Crown Affair, which ended the show. There was no encore.

This was quite a different type of gig for me, but I enjoyed it, and was pleased that I had made the effort. I was also pleased that the evening finished quite early (around 10pm) so I could get some sleep before my early start.