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David Bowie Reality Tour Dublin The Point 22 November 2003

David Bowie Reality Tour Dublin The Point 22 November 2003
Support Act The Dandy Warhols By 2003, I was desperate to see David Bowie again. I’d forgotten my disappointment of Tin Machine and realised the stature of Bowie in the formation of rock. So when he announced the Reality tour, I was determined to see him. Marie and I decided we would have a weekend in Dublin, and take in his show at The Point. I booked a hotel room on O’Connell Street, and booked flights and we all set. Our trip to Dublin wasn’t without incident. When we arrived at the desk at Newcastle airport, we discovered that Marie’s passport had run out, and we couldn’t check in. So we dashed home to pick up her driving licence, which we were assured would be ok to check us onto the flight, and arrived back just in time, heavily stressed. We were straight onto the flight, and arrived in Dublin safely soon after. The gig was great, Bowie was on top form, one of the best times I’ve seen him. Marie even enjoyed it so he must have been good! The set drew from his extensive back catalogue. Setlist: Rebel Rebel; New Killer Star; Reality; Fame; Cactus; Afraid; All the Young Dudes; China Girl; The Loneliest Guy; The Man Who Sold the World; Hallo Spaceboy; Sunday; Under Pressure; Life on Mars; Battle for Britain; Ashes to Ashes; The Motel; Loving the Alien; Never Get Old; Changes; I’m Afraid of Americans; Heroes; Encores: Bring Me the Disco King; Slip Away; Heathen; Five Years;Hang On to Yourself; Ziggy Stardust