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Fashion Newcastle Polytechnic 1982

Fashion Newcastle Polytechnic 1982
fashionI just found this programme in a box. I obviously missed this when I covered the letter F; anywhere here goes. I saw Fashion at Newcastle Polytechnic in October 22nd 1982. Kajagoogoo were the support act. The programme lists the members of Fashion as: Troy Tate; Mulligan; Darby; Dik Davis; Marlon Recci. Although largely forgotten, Fashion were quite influential at the time. They grew out of the post-punk movement in Birmingham, alongside, and influencing Duran Duran, who supported them on their early shows. I first saw Fashion as support for the B-52s at Redcar Bowl in 1978. The line up had changed a little by the 1982 tour, as had their music. By 1982 Fashion had lost their lead singer Luke Sky, and had released their second album Fabrique, which was much in the new romantic and electronic mode. Fashion were also very much about image, all of them dressing very trendily; the programme features some quite arty photos of the band and its members. Mulligan was, as I recall, the main man, with dreadlocks and playing keyboards and bass. From wiki: “At the end of 2007 beginning of 2008, Luke (Sky) James, the original guitarist and singer of Mulligan’s Fashion, launched a Myspace site devoted to the band. On the site James wrote of the original line-up: “2 Dead” (Davis and Cottrell) / “1 living” (James) and “1 missing” (referring to Mulligan.)”