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Muhammad Ali visits South Shields July 16th 1977

Muhammad Ali’s visit to South Shields July 16th 1977
This isn’t my normal rock music post, but I make no excuses. Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine, and I feel privleged to have seen him. And he waved at me, albeit from a distance!
I remember vividly the day my friend Norman and I went through to South Shields to see Muhammad Ali.
Muhammad Ali and his new wife came to South Shields to attend the local Mosque and have their wedding blessed by the Imam. There were several other events built around the visit, one of which was a tour of the area on a bus, and a visit to the Gypsies Green Carnival. I discovered the small single sheet A4 programme the other day when searching for items to scan for my posts. The programme, which cost 20p, and also gained you entrance to the stadium, shows the schedule for the day. The streets were absolutely packed for this event, and it was almost impossible to get anywhere near the stadium. We were happy just to get a gimpse of the great man, and wave to him with all the crowds. There was even a song written specially for the visit: “He’s coming, he’s coming, now who can that be,we know he’s the greatest, Muhammad Ali.” “South Tyneside has waited a long time to see, the biggest, the strongest, Muhammad Ali.” “He floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, our dearest, our fearless, Muhammad Ali.” “The children are speechless, the adults aglee, he came as he promised, Muhammad Ali.” “South Tyneside’s aflutter, the moment is here, he stands like a god does, Muhammad Ali.” “Gypsies Green Carnival, for all to see, we hope it will please you, Muhammad Ali.” “There’s sport and there’s music, displays and then tea, a really good day oh!; Muhammad Ali.” “In aid of our Boys Clubs, and our Queen’s Jubilee, what more could we ask for, Muhammad Ali.” “So look all you people, this programme’s the key, for entrance to see him, Muhammad Ali.” “We thank you dear Ali, we thank you truly, we know you’re the greatest, Muhammad Ali.” Great memories