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Iron Curtain 30 June 1979 Spectro Arts Workshop Newcastle

Iron Curtain 30 June 1979 Spectro Arts Workshop Newcastle
ironcurtain “Iron Curtain, a new band formed by Gary Chaplain, who left Penetration early last year, present an evening of unusual events, including a reading from Tony Jackson, and their own debut performance.” Spectro Arts Workshop was an arts centre in Bells Court, off Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. This was guitarist Gary Chaplin’s first gig after leaving local punk heroes Penetration. His band was called Iron Curtain, and their music was quite poppy punk as I recall. This was the only time Marie and I visited the Spectro Arts Workshop; I remember it took us some time to find the venue. The evening also included a poetry reading by local poet Tony Jackson. I found the following entry on a message forum: “Tony Jackson (1945 – 1997). Tony was closely involved in the Newcastle poetry “scene” of the 1960s – a close friend of Tom and Connie Pickard at that time, active at the Morden Tower, and in the running of the Morden Tower Bookroom and Ultima Thule Bookshop.  Adrian Mitchell’s poem “Tony Jackson Is A Walking Jungle” comes from this period… From the ’70s he worked extensively with the People Show, increasingly devising his own routines (in chains) as his movement became restricted by MS. He refused to give way to his illness as long as possible, with the courage so many MS sufferers show – worked for various MS groups, but refused to get typecast as such. His work over the years appeared from a number of presses including Writers’ Forum, Galloping Dog and Pig Press.”