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Bow Wow Wow 1981 and 1982

Bow Wow Wow 1981 and 1982
I was quite into Malcolm McLaren’s vision in the late 70s. I’d seen The Sex Pistols a couple of times, and early Adam and the Ants shows. So when I read of Malcolm’s latest idea of a new band concept that blended the Ants with The Pistols with Burundi rhythms and a young girl with squealing vocals, I just had to see them. The first chance to experience this new sensation was at Newcastle University Student Union in 1981. The programme for the event lists the singers as Annabella and Lieutenant Lush, who later became Boy George. George sang alongside Annabella at some of the early gigs, but I don’t recall him appearing at this show. The gig was pretty strange, almost bizarre as I recall, but I went away impressed and interested. Bow Wow Wow were back on Tyneside a year later, at a gig promoted by AntiPop in Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom. Once again, a good fun time was had by all. Bow Wow Wow had some pretty fun tracks; Marie and I used to like Wild in the Country at the time. It all seems a different world and a long long time ago. I see that Bow Wow Wow have reformed, and have played in Newcastle again recently. I chose to keep my memory and didn’t go along to the gig. Perhaps I’ll catch them if they come up here again.