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Arctic Monkeys Newcastle Arena 16 November 2009

The Arctic Monkeys Newcastle Arena 16 November 2009
New songs, big arenas, long hair, can the Monkeys still do it? Of course they can. Their hair may be longer and the new album explores some new territory, but they are still a great rock band, and the Newcastle crowd knew that on Monday night. This was our second Monkeys experience, our first being at their Lancashire Cricket Ground gig a couple of years ago.
We took our seats which were at the front of a side block, facing the crammed crowd standing on the floor.
Support came from Eagles of Death Metal, who seemed a pretty standard rock band. The crowd seemed to enjoy them and gave them a good reception.
But everyone was of course there to see our heroes from Sheffield who came on stage at around 9pm to a great reception. The set was a mix of songs from the new album and old favourites. The old songs (Dance Floor, Sun Goes Down, Mardy Bum), of course, go down the best, but everyone (except perhaps me) seems to know the new ones too. It looks pretty wild down on the floor; lot of people are pulled out of the crowd at the front, lots of shoes (?) are thrown onto the stage (pleased that we had seats). Laura, David and I agree it was a good gig (and that the set was just the right length!).

Setlist: The Jeweller’s Hands; Brianstorm; This House Is A Circus; Still Take You Home; I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor; Potion Approaching; My Propeller; Crying Lightning; Sketchead; The View From The Afternoon; Cornerstone; If You Were There, Beware; Pretty Visitors; Dance Little Liar; Do Me A Favour Play Video; When The Sun Goes Down; Secret Door Play
Encore: Fluorescent Adolescent; Mardy Bum; 505