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John Fogerty Manchester Apollo

John Fogerty

Manchester Apollo Sun 22 June 2008

John Fogery is someone who I have wanted to see for a long time, ever since Credence Clearwater Revival played Newcastle City Hall, and I missed it. One of my friend’s brother went along and declared it to be the best show he had ever since, topping Hendrix and Cream! I always regretted never seeing CCR, and had read recent reviews of John Fogerty; I knew that he was playing a lot of old CCR material and that was the closest I was ever going to get to see Credence.

I’d bought tickets the morning that they went on sale, and had seats in the first few rows. As the date of the concert got closer I mentioned it David and Laura and neither of them fancied going along so I decided to sell one ticket on eBay. A guy called Ron from Liverpool bought the spare ticket.

So I drove down to Manchester on the Sunday evening and got there around 7pm. I popped in to the pub next door for a drink before the show and was pleased to see so many people with Fogerty and CCR shirts on, and a big queue at the door. I go into the venue, buy a programme and go down to my seat. Have a bit chat with Ron, who is a friendly guy and a big John Fogerty fan. Ron is also going to see him at the Albert Hall on Tuesday night. We are in the second row of the front stall at the side; still a great view from here.

When John comes on the first couple of rows run down to the front of the stage. Ron and I end up right next to the stage to the left of John Fogerty. He starts with Born on the Bayou; the sound is clear loud and he seems on top form. Looks like it is going to be a good night!

Next up is Bad Moon Rising; this was always a favourite song of mine; takes me back to school discos; it sounds great. The we are into Green River; another old favourite. And so it goes on; each song sounds great; event the ones that I don’t know. The first couple of rows are up dancing but the rest of the stalls stay in their seats. The band is great with three guitarists and a great rhythm section. At one point in the set John recalls that he last played Manchester in 1970. A guy in the front corrects him (it ws 71) and points to his t-shirt. On the front he has a copy of his ticket and on the back is a copy of a flier for the gig. John is well-impressed with this and pretends to give the guy his guitar; he does however give him a pick.

The set ends with a great version of Travellin’ Band, and the final number in the encores is Proud Mary. By this time veryone is up and dancing. The show was great; even better than I expected. It must have been great to see Credence Clearwater all those years ago.

I give Ron a lift to the centre of Manchester to catch his bus home, and I start the drive home. Get back around 1am.

my programme

my programme

my ticket (I hate these print-out e-tickets)

my ticket (I hate these print-out e-tickets)


Set list:
Born On The Bayou;  Bad Moon Rising; Green River; Lookin’ Out My Backdoor; Don’t You Wish It Was True; My Toot Toot;Midnight Special; Gunslinger; It Ain’t Right; I Will Walk With You; Ramble Tamble;Broken Down Cowboy; Keep On Chooglin’; Have You Ever Seen The Rain; Night Time Is The Right;Comin’ Down The Road; Almost Saturday Night; Long Dark Night; I Can’t Take It No More; Premonition; Down On The Corner;  Rock And Roll Girls; Up Around The Bend; Hey Tonight; Old Man Down The Road; Fortunate Son;Travelin’ Band; Rockin’ All Over The World; Blue Suede Shoes; Proud Mary


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