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Dead or Alive Newcastle Mayfair 1984

Dead or Alive Newcastle Mayfair 1984
Pete Burns is a crazy, wierd guy. In 1984 he and his band Dead or Alive were riding high in the charts with their remake of KC and the Sunshine Band’s 1975 hit, Thats The Way (I Like It). This was a few months before their massive (and great) hit You Spin Me Round (Like a Record). Dead or Alive in concert was a pretty amazing experience, great rhythms and dance music, and totally crazy and compelling performance from Pete Burns, whose outrageousness and bottle impressed me immensely. This gig was before their massive success, and the Mayfair was respectably full, but not packed. The band had just released their debut album Sophisticated Boom Boom, which featured Wayne Hussey as a member of the band. Wayne, however, had left the band by the time of this tour, to join Sisters of Mercy, and then on to form The Mission. I haven’t seen Dead or Alive again since those days, although I did watch Celebrity Big Brother with interest in 2006, to see Pete Burns in the house.