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Talk Talk Redcar Coatham Bowl 22 April 1984 & Newcastle City Hall 3 May 1986

Talk Talk Redcar Coatham Bowl 22 April 1984 & Newcastle City Hall 3 May 1986talktalk84Talk Talk are a massively under-rated, and sadly largely forgotten, band. I saw these guys twice; once at a gig at Redcar Coatham Bowl in 1984 and them again a couple of years later at Newcastle City Hall. Both gigs were excellent, but the Redcar gig particularly sticks in my mind. By the time I went to see them in 1984 with my mate Dave, Talk Talk had been in the lower regions of the charts a few times with some great singles: “Talk Talk”, “It’s My Life”, and the excellent “Dum Dum Girl”. Coming out of the new wave movement, at first they seemed a straight synth pop band. But there was much more to Talk Talk than pop music. They soon moved into more experimental areas. The gig at Redcar was very unlike what I expected. I thought I was going to see a regular new wave / pop act. What we actually witnessed was a much darker, moodier performance by a band pushing at the boundaries. There was something quite strange and almost unnerving about their performance. The singer Mark Hollis stood, hair covering his face, (Dave said he reminded him of Curly Watts from Corrie 🙂 ) hunched over the mike, almost ignoring the audience and sang moody songs, as dark textured synth sounds crept around the venue. Powerful stuff.talktalk86
I saw Talk Talk once more in 1986. This was in a (sadly) half full City Hall, and at the time of their classic “Life’s What You Make It” which is another great track. The importance of Talk Talk is beginning to be recognised with bands including Radiohead and Portishead declaring them an influence on their music. Talk Talk split in 1992 and Mark Hollis retired from the music business.
Setlist 1986: Talk Talk; Dum Dum Girl; Call in the Night Boy; Tomorrow Started; Life’s What You Make It; Mirror Man; Does Caroline Know?; Chameleon Day; Living in Another World; It’s You; Give It Up; It’s My Life; I Don’t Believe in You; Such A Shame.
Encore: Renée