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Bucks Fizz Newcastle City Hall 1982

Bucks Fizz Newcastle City Hall 1982
Another guilty pleasure post today, although in this case I do have mitigating circumstances. Ashleigh who was 6 at the time that Bucks Fizz won The Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up. She loved the song and their performance with the famous skirt ripping element. In fact this started a life long love of the show for her, which continues to this day; each year she really looks forward to Eurovision (she was disappointed by our score this year, and thought Engelbert did well. So when Bucks Fizz toured I decided to take Ashleigh along to see them, I think as part of her 7th birthday present. This was the original line up of Bucks Fizz, and I remember even then being somewhat nervous of going along to such an “uncool” gig. My recollections are of a good show, better than I had expected, and of a much louder and rockier band than I had imagined (they had a full backing band). By 1982 Bucks Fizz had releases two albums and had hit No 1 again with Land of Make Believe. Their next No 1, which featured on the album and in the concert, was Camera Never Lies. Ashleigh and I still have happy memories of this gig and often talk about it. It was, of course, a gig in Newcastle a couple of years later which ended in tragedy for the band. The group’s tour bus collided with road works and crashed and Mike Nolan was badly injured. Today there have sadly been court battles over who owns the name Buck Fizz and two versions of the band are on tour.