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Stiff Little Fingers Newcastle City Hall 18th May 1981

Stiff Little Fingers Newcastle City Hall 18th May 1981
slfprog81It was almost two years between Stiff Little Fingers gig at Newcastle Mayfair on 9th June 1979 during their Gotta Getaway Tour and their next appearance in the city which saw them playing Newcastle City Hall on 18th May 1981. There was a reason for this.
SLF front man Jake Burns explained (Record Mirror, 1981): “We tried on ‘Go For It’ to be as straightforward as possible while remaining as clear about the world as we could. We ran into problems before for being too subtle because people don’t always see the humour in our songs. ‘White Noise’ on Inflammable Material got us banned from Newcastle for two years or so. A councillor read the lyrics and ordered that they couldn’t have bands spreading such racist ideas in Newcastle. There was a headline, ‘PUNK ALBUM COULD START NORTH EAST RACE RIOT.'” This misunderstanding stopped SLF from coming to Newcastle during 1980.slftix1981
However by the time they came to tour with “Go For It” things had relaxed and the band were able to book a concert at the City Hall, which quickly sold out. “Go For It” was SLF’s third album and saw the band’s style change a little, covering new subjects such as domestic abuse in the song “Hits and Misses” but also still retaining their stories of being a teenager growing up, with the song “Kicking Up a Racket”.
Live, however, little had changed. Stiff Little Fingers remained a hot, passionate live act who really meant it, and had a massively loyal following in the north east. Support act for the tour was punk band The Wall, who originated from Sunderland.
Another great gig by a great live act.