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Blood Sweat and Tears Newcastle City Hall 14 June 1974

Blood Sweat and Tears Newcastle City Hall 14 June 1974
Spinning Wheel by Blood, Sweat and Tears seemed to be on the radio all of the time in the late 60s and early 70s. I only saw the band once, when my friend Norm and I went to see them when they came to Newcastle in 1974. The line up of this band changed many times over the years, and both Al Kooper and David Clayton-Thomas had left by the time of this tour. Nevertheless B,S & T put on a competent performance and played favourites ‘You’ve made me so very happy’ and ‘Spinning Wheel’. As I recall the City Hall was pretty empty for this gig.
The line up consisted of Bobby Colomby drums (by then the only original member!), Jerry Fisher lead vocals, Jerry Lacroix vocals, David Bargeron trombones, Georg Wadenius guitar, Larry Willis piano, Ron McLure bass, Tony Klatka sax, and Bill Tillman vocals. This was version 5 or 6 of the band, whose memberships has changed many times over the years with more that 100 (!) musicians passing through. A version of B,S & T continues to tour to this day.