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Boney M Newcastle City Hall 1979

Boney M Newcastle City Hall 1979
This is definitely a guilty pleasure, and seemed so at the time. By 1979 Boney M had enjoyed massive chart success with (among others) Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Rivers of Babylon, Brown Girl in the Ring, Rasputin and Mary’s Boy Child. Its easy to forgot just how big this act was. In 1978 Rivers of Babylon was (at the time) the second highest-selling single of all time in the UK. I quite liked Rasputin, and swept along by the popularity of Boney M, went along to this gig with a couple of mates. I remember thinking that the tickets were quite expensive at £7. We had seats pretty close to the front, and a great view of the action. The gig was great fun. Great costumes, tongue in cheek songs, and Bobby Farrell’s amazing dancing had to be seen to be believed. And what a beard he wore for Ra Ra Rasputin….! A DVD exists of a live show from 1979 and this includes the following set: Let It All Be Music; Rasputin; Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night; Do You Wanna Bump; Daddy Cool; Belfast; Sunny; I’m Born Again; El Lute; Gotta Go Home; No Woman No Cry; Rivers Of Babylon; Brown Girl In The Ring; Let It All Be Music. So I would guess the concert we saw would have included some of those songs. Trust me, this most definitely was not vintage rock, but it was good clean honest fun, and something I’m glad I experienced (once)!