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American Blues Legends Barnes Hotel Sunderland 1975

American Blues Legends Barnes Hotel Sunderland 1975
I’m going to have a couple of days break from covering acts beginning with the letter “D”, before I embark upon the task of covering the Bob Dylan concerts that I have attended; which will be a considerable task. So I’m going to reminisce on the time a group of American blues legends came to town. I, along with many friends, was heavily into the blues in the early 70s, so when this tour came to the Barnes Hotel in Sunderland lots of people I knew went along. I didn’t buy a ticket in advance for the gig, and went along expecting to pay at the door, only to find that the place sold out. However, that wasn’t going to deter me too much from getting in. A group of us were in the same predicament. We had some mates who did have tickets and they agreed to throw a ticket out of the window, which we used in turn to gain entry. It worked a treat and several of us got in for nothing. The place was packed and we were treated to a night of great blues from some true masters of the art. Lots of mouth harp playing, by the acts, and by some members of the crowd, who always seemed to have an Echo Super Vamper in their pocket, which they would bring out at any opportunity to do some serious note bending. This was the 3rd UK tour of American Blues Legends, and the only one that I saw. The bill for the 1975 tour featured Billy Boy Arnold; Lonesome Jimmy Lee Robinson; Little Joe Blue; Homesick James; Tommy Tucker; Eddie Guitar Burns; with Pete York on drums. It was a great fun night, although I remember spending much of in the bar with a group of mates. Think I walked home after the show. The tour was promoted by Big Bear records, who subsequently released an album of the tour. My programme contains a “Bank of Big Bear” voucher with a £4 note which could be cut up into 8 50p vouchers to get a reduction on albums from the Big Bear catalogue. I wonder if it is still valid?