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Aha Newcastle City Hall 1986

Aha Newcastle City Hall 1986
Aha were big news in 1986. They’d had big hits with Take on Me and Hunting High and Low, and the video for Take on Me was very distinctive, using a mix of pencil drawings, animation and live action. Ashleigh was very into them, and we went along to their show at the City Hall. This was their first tour and the gig sold out very quickly. I remember the show as being very slick, great vocals, good light show and wonderful pop. I’ve never felt the need to see Aha again, but pleased that I did. Ashleigh really enjoyed seeing them and still talks about it to this day.
I had a conversation with a taxi driver in Dublin a few years ago, after a gig at the Point (think it was Status Quo). He’d seen Aha at the same venue a few days earlier and said they were absolutely first class. Setlist for 1986 tour: Train Of Thought; Love Is Reason; Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale; Cry Wolf; The Blue Sky; The Sun Always Shines on T.V.; Driftwood; Here I Stand And Face The Rain; We’re Looking for the Whales; And You Tell Me; Hunting High and Low; I’ve Been Losing You; Scoundrel Days; Take On Me