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Slaughter and the Dogs, The Drones and Fast Breeder Middlesbrough Rock Garden 1977

This gig introduced three early Manchester punk band to the North East. Slaughter and the Dogs were hailed as one of the craziest and most manic live acts at the time. The Drones were one of the first Manchester punk bands. Fast Breeder were an early band managed by Tony Wilson, later of Factory Records and The Hacienda fame, some of whom later became the Durutti Column along with Vini Reilly. Slaughter were a high energy mix of glam, rock’n’roll and punk, with shades of horror in their image. The singer came of stage in old coat covered in flour, and proceeded to run around goading us all. The guitarist, Mike Rossi, played out the rock n roll hero ala Mick Ronson, sporting a similar Les Paul guitar. These guys were crazy and got a good reception from a half full Rock Garden.
VLUU L210  / Samsung L210 The name “Slaughter & the Dogs” was created by singer Wayne Barrett in 1975 by combining the names of Diamond Dogs and Slaughter on 10th Avenue, which points to the band’s roots and influences. They were one of the first Manchester punk bands and supported the Sex Pistols at their now-legendary gig at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall in 1976. This was the concert, which more than any other single event, was said to have spawned Manchester’s punk scene. Their debut single, “Cranked Up Really High” is recognised as a punk classic and it was this and other early material that they were playing that night. Their debut album, “Do It Dog Style”, was issued in May 1978.