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Duane Eddy Sage Gateshead May 27 2012

Duane Eddy Sage Gateshead May 27 2012
A great gig last night by a true legend of a man, Duane Eddy in Hall 2 of the Sage. An appreciative crowd of a certain age saw Duane and his band run through a night of classic tracks and songs from Duane’s latest album. Duane was backed by Richard Hawley’s band and a tremendous sax player. Many guys from the past have slipped into playing cabaret versions of their songs, or can only manage pale versions of the originals. Not Duane Eddy. He looked and played great last night. The set included rock n roll classics like ‘Forty Miles Of Bad Road’, ‘Shazam’, ‘Yep!’, ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Ramrod’. Duane Eddy has been having a resurgence of his career lately. Its twenty five years between the release of his last record, and his most recent “Road Trip”. Produced by Richard Hawley and Colin Elliot, ‘Road Trip’ “showcases everything that is unique about his guitar playing. When it rocks, it rocks hard but above all it is an album that is defined by the man’s elegant playing and the space within its sound.” (Sage website). “Richard (Hawley) really wanted me to make a record that covered all the different moments from my career so that’s what we did. So there are things that are rocking with a wailing sax, and there are some pretty things too. There are echoes of the past, but it sounds new.” says Duane. “Duane’s sound as a guitar player is unbelievably unique. If you hear one note played by him you know that that’s Duane. His sound is so low and deep. And there’s an elegance and sophistication to what he does that is really very special.” (Richard Hawley).