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Thompson Twins Dunelm Ballroom, Durham University 9th March 1982 & Newcastle City Hall 6th May 1983

Thompson Twins Dunelm Ballroom, Durham University 9th March 1982 & Newcastle City Hall 6th May 1983
ttwinstintinThe Thompson Twins were named after the bumbling detectives in the Adventures of Tintin. The Crab With The Gold Claws was my favourite 🙂 I would run in from playing in the street to watch it. I can still hear the intro: “Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin: The Crab With The Golden Claws”.
But these Thompson Twins were very different. These started as a new wave outfit, formed in a squat with full on left wing anarchic values. In my mind I have them bracketed with the Raincoats and the Mekons. They were a large band comprising seven members, fronted by Tom Bailey on vocals and synth, which he was apparently just learning to play, Alannah Currie on vocals and percussion and Joe Leeway on vocals, percussion, synths and guitars. thompsontwins82The other members were Chris Bell (drums), Peter Dodd (guitar, synths, percussion), John Roog (guitar) and Matthew Seligman (bass). Thomas Dolby would sometimes accompany them on synth. It was this seven piece Thompson Twins that I saw at Dunelm House in early 1982. I remember the set as being very rhythmic, verging on dance, with lots of drums and percussion, and that there was much running about the stage by everyone. This was at the time of their second album “Set” which featured the single “In the Name of Love”. “In the Name of Love” was a dance hit, particularly in the US, and encouraged the band to follow a dancie/pop direction. Shortly after “Set” the band split and was reduced to the trio of Bailey, Currie and Leeway. Big success was soon to follow. thompsontwins83
In early 1983 the new slimmed down Thompson Twins released their third album “Quick Step and Side Kick”. The album was much more of a slick pop/dance record and reached No 2 in the UK charts. It also gave them four UK singles chart entries with “Love on Your Side” (No. 9), “We Are Detective” (No. 7), “Watching” (No. 33) and “Hold Me Now” (No. 4). The Thompson Twins had made the transition from a new wave act living in a squat to massive international success. Their “Side Kicks” tour sold out everywhere. I saw them when the tour called at Newcastle City Hall. A fun show, all the hits, and very different from the band that I had seen only one year previously.