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Terry Reid Sage Gateshead 25th November 2005

Terry Reid Sage Gateshead 25th November 2005
terryreidAretha Franklin once famously said: “There are only three things happening in England: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Terry Reid.” Terry Reid, he of the Superlungs, he who turned down the job in Jimmy Page’s New Yardbirds soon-to-be Led Zeppelin, he of the amazing soulful voice. Just listen to some of his early stuff: “Stay with me baby”, “Bang Bang”, “Rich Kid Blues”, “Hand don’t Fit the Glove” and “Season on the Witch”. The guy just oozed passion, and sang on the edge, squeezing every inch of his soul through his performance. His voice and performance in the mid to late 60s matched that of other great rock and soul singers of the time such as Steve Marriott, Robert Plant, Eric Burdon and Joe Cocker. Terry Reid was someone who I’d always wanted to see in concert. I never got to see him in the early days, and he decamped to the USA in the early 70s, and became a very infrequent visitor to his home country. However, in 2005 he came over to play Glastonbury, and started to gig over here again. He has continued to come over every year or so since. I finally got to see Terry play at The Sage Gateshead in 2005. terry reidlpI was really looking forward to the gig, wondering how a modern Terry would approach his songs. The performance was interesting to say the least. Terry seemed the worse for wear, and must have had (more than) a drink or two before he took to the stage. At times he seemed close to falling over. The performance veered from the shambolic to the brilliant. Some of the audience gave up on Terry early in the set, and a few demanded their money back (yes it was that shambolic at times). I think they were given a refund, and they left during the first half of the set. Those of us who stayed were treated to an honest, passionate, right-on-the-edge performance of a man who still has charisma and sings with a passion, authenticity and honesty that is seldom seen. I understand that several of his performances of this period were of a similar nature, but recent reports that I have read suggest that he is in better shape these days.