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The B-52s Redcar Coatham Bowl July 1979

The B-52s Redcar Coatham Bowl July 1979
I saw The B-52s once. It was 1979 and their first UK tour. My mate Dave and I went to this gig at Redcar Coatham Bowl, having heard their top tune Rock Lobster. I recall the Bowl as being pretty full, and the band delivering a set of quirky, fun, 60s space rock n roll. The dance floor was packed for Rock Lobster. Kate and Cindy sported impressive beehives and the self-styled “World’s Greatest Party Band” offered a fun alternative to the more serious, dark, and harder UK punk bands. Great memories of a tremendous gig. Sunday nights in Redcar were lots of fun in those days. And great value at £1.50! I believe support came from Fashion, but can’t be certain.