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Joe Bonamassa Newcastle City Hall 17 Oct 2010

Joe Bonamassa Newcastle City Hall 17 Oct 2010
Will and I decided to go along to sample the mighty Joe Bonamassa who seems to have gone from playing small blues clubs to massive headline status in a very short space of time. Neither of us were familiar with Joe’s material but had heard great things about the man and we were thus looking forward to this. We were seated a little from the front (the front block seats were £50 ouch! is this what stardom means Joe?) but with a good view. There was no support and Joe was on stage shortly after 8pm. The stage set and lighting was impressive, but its Joe’s playing that everyone was there to see. The Hall was full of 50+ something men and you just know that everyone in there played guitar and was hanging on Joe’s every lick. And there were plenty of licks to hang on to. The set was pretty standard blues with some rock numbers thrown in, all showcasing Joe’s impeccable technique. Joe has lots of guitars and at one point he straps on a Les Paul which he tells us used to belong to his hero Paul Kossoff and throws himself into Free’s Mr Big. Its sort of weird to think that the last time I saw that guitar it was Paul who was playing it. There is an acoustic set where he shows us just how great (and fast) he can play and he finishes with some rockier numbers which include riffs borrowed from Led Zeppelin 2. Will and I both think he was great, although we agreed that some of the blues numbers were rather samey. So we are off for some chips and then home.

setlist: Cradle Rock (Rory Gallagher cover); So Many Roads; When the Fire Hits the Sea; So, It’s Like That; If Heartaches Were Nickels; Slow Train; Steal Your Heart Away; Sloe Gin; The Ballad of John Henry; Happier Times; Never Gonna Make You Move Too Soon; The Great Flood; Young Man Blues; Woke Up Dreaming; Mountain Time
Encore: Bird on a Wire (Leonard Cohen); Just Got Paid (Z Z Top)