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Harry Chapin Newcastle City Hall 1977

Harry Chapin Newcastle City Hall 1977
The late Harry Chapin had some great songs, and he played them all at this gig at Newcastle City Hall in 1977. The advert for the tour declared” “Harry Chapin is unique. He’s one of the finest balhadeers of our time”, and that’s all true. Harry was promoting his new album “Dance Band on the Titanic” at the time. I remember this as a great gig, by a sadly missed artist. Harry returned to the City Hall in 1978 and in 1981, however, I only attended his first gig there in 1977. My favourites are his well known songs WOLD, Cats in the Cradle and All my Life’s a Circle (which was a big hit for the New Seekers here in the UK). Band: Harry Chapin – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals; Steve Chapin – Piano, Vocals; “Big John” Wallace – bass, vocals; Kim Scholes – Cello; Ron Palmer – Lead guitar; Howie Fields – Drums. A recording exists of the London show on the tour which shows the setlist as: I Wonder What Happened to Him; Mercenaries; My Old Lady; Mr. Tanner; WOLD; Halfway to Heaven; I Wanna Learn a Love Song; Tangled Up Puppet; Taxi; Sniper; There Only Was One Choice; Cat’s in the Cradle; Bluesman; Odd Job Man; Dogtown; Mail Order Annie; Let Time Go Lightly; 30,000 Pounds of Bananas; Dance Band on the Titanic; All my Life’s a Circle