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John Cale The Sage Gateshead 2006

John Cale The Sage Gateshead 2006
John Cale strikes me as a pretty cool and sorted guy. Musically he crosses several genres and gives the impression that his music is very much his art. I never saw the original Velvet Underground in concert, which I deeply regret, although I have seen Lou Reed in concert several times. I did go to see a later version of the Velvet Underground at Sunderland Locarno in the early 70s, but I have a feeling the band didn’t turn up that night. This, however, was the first and only time that I have seen John Cale. I went along to this gig with David, and we had standing tickets at the front of the hall. The atmosphere in the small standing section was great, with a small number of die hard fans going totally crazy. The set was quite long, and consisted of a mix of songs from throughout John’s career, including some Velvet Underground classics. I seem to remember that he has a single out at the time which was very punky. A great gig which David and I both enjoyed. I couldn’t find a setlist for the Gateshead gig, but did manage to find one from Glasgow on the same tour: Venus In Furs; Walkin’ The Dog; Evidence; Woman; Helen Of Troy; Dancing Undercover; Femme Fatale > Rosegarden Funeral of Sores;
Hush;Dirty Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll; Guts; Look Horizon; Magritte; Cable Hogue; Set Me Free; Things; Ship Of Fools; Sold Motel; Perfect; Leaving It Up To You; Gravel Drive; Heartbreak Hotel. Band: Dustin Boyer: lead guitar; Michael Jerome: drums; Joseph Karnes: bass