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Sheena Easton Newcastle City Hall 1981

Sheena Easton Newcastle City Hall 1981
Another guilty pleasure, I’m afraid. I have always been a sucker for a good song, and if you link it with a TV show, then I’m sold. I’d seen Sheena Easton on the Esther Rantzen produced BBC programme The Big Time. This documentary film chronicled the unknown Sheena’s rise to stardom, and featured the single Modern Girl. The show was followed by the hit single 9 to 5, which got to No 3 in the UK charts and No 1 in the US charts. Both of these are great pop songs. By 1981 Sheena was a Bond girl, in that she sang the theme to For Your Eyes Only and featured in the film’s opening sequence. All of this tempted me and my mate to go along to see her in concert at Newcastle City Hall. The concert was, as you would expect, unashamed pure pop. We had great seats close to the front, and I recall the show as being very slick, classy and professional. Its easy to forget how successful Sheena Eason is, particularly in the USA. From Wiki: “Easton is a two-time Grammy Award winner and achieved 6 Gold albums and 1 Platinum and has sold over 4 million albums in the US alone, and 20 million records worldwide. She has recorded 16 studio albums, released 45 singles, and has 15 Top 40 hits on the US Billboard Hot 100. Sheena Easton is the only artist in the history of the US Billboard charts to have a top 3 hit on each of the Billboards key charts: Adult Contemporary, Dance, Pop, Country, and R&B.” Pretty impressive stuff for a girl from the outskirts of Glasgow.