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David Cassidy Once in a Lifetime tour Newcastle 2005

Once in a Lifetime Tour featuring David Cassidy; David Essex; The Osmonds and Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers
I have come to the end of coverage of the letter C in my blogging on past concert experiences, (unless I have forgotten any, which is always possible) and will finish things with another guilty pleasure concert. This was, I think, the first “Once in a Lifetime” tour, which has now become an annual event (is there some bizarre logic there?). This show featured four legends from the seventies in concert together. I must admit, it was the presence of David Cassidy that drew Marie and I along to this gig. We’d both enjoyed seeing him at the City Hall a few years earlier, and quite fancied seeing him again. I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale and we ended up with front row seats in the first block. The rest of the bill was David Essex, The Osmonds (minus Donnie and Marie) and Les McKeown fronting his version of the Bay City Rollers. The gig was good fun, with the two Davids putting on the best show in my view, and getting the best crowd reactions. Its interesting that the concept continues with this year’s show featuring David Cassidy again, with support from Leo Sayer, Smokie, and Hot Chocolate, all bands that I saw and enjoyed in the 70s. Maybe I should go along again…….

David Cassidy Newcastle City Hall 2001

David Cassidy Newcastle City Hall 2001
This concert was without doubt a guilty pleasure. I’d always secretly liked David Cassidy since I watched The Partridge Family on TV in the 70s. I didn’t get to see him in his heyday, and when I read he was coming to Newcastle I came clean and admitted to Marie that I would like to go along. She also quite fancied it, so I bought a couple of tickets, scoring seats a few rows from the front. The show sold out pretty quickly; it seemed that David had maintianed his strong fan base. On the night of the gig we arrived shortly after 8pm to find David already on stage; although the ticket had listed “plus guests” they was actually no support act.The show was pretty enjoyable. David Cassidy is a pro, he has a back catalogue of strong material to draw on, and he can really work a crowd. The audience was almost all 40 something women, who just went crazy, everyone reliving their teenage dreams. Cassidy’s set included all the hits: “Daydreamer”, “I woke up in love”, “Cherish”, “Could It Be Forever”, “How Can I Be Sure”, “Some Kind of A Summer”, “I think I Love You” and his later hit “Last Kiss”; some covers (think he did “River Deep, Mountain High” for exaomple) and some vaudeville thrown in for good measure. We both enjoyed it; I’m pleased Marie came; I would have felt SO out of place on my own at this gig!