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Dave (and Ray) Davies Islington Assembly Hall London 18 Dec 2015

Dave Davies (and Ray!) Islington Assembly Hall London 18 Dec 2015
imageMy early Christmas present to myself was to go and see Kinks guitar riff hero Dave Davies in London last night. And what a Christmas present it was. Dave Davies played a blinding set to his home crowd. Still recovering from flu, Dave bounded on stage, greeting us “Hello London! It’s good to be back in town!” He ran through a set of Kinks classics, album tracks and solo songs. Dave’s guitar was loud and fuzzy and his band’s versions of Kinks hits “Dead End Street” and (my favourite) “See My Friends” were raw and heavy. Dave’s own “Death of a Clown” started pretty ramshackle but finished as a great singalong. But the best was yet to come. Sometimes miracles do happen at Christmas.
For the last song, Dave introduced a “surprise for Christmas” and on walked brother Ray!!! The two brothers played “You Really Got Me” and the place went completely berserk. I was sitting upstairs and everyone leapt to their feet; singing, clapping, shouting and going generally nuts. The next few minutes became an unbelievable almost surreal dream. Ray and Dave shook hands as they left the stage. As I walked out of the venue onto the street everyone faces me were looking at each other; grinning, not quite believing what we had all just witnessed.
You can find a video here

This was the Davies brothers first time on stage together for 19 years, and it was an amazing event to witness; musically, historically and emotionally. Two brothers, in their home town, back together on stage where they belong, singing the song that started so much. It really doesn’t get any better; I am going to be on a high for ages. Best Christmas present since I opened my Johnny Seven in 1966.
Setlist: Ripping Up; All Day and All of the Night; She’s got everything; Creeping Jean; Tired of Waiting; See My Friends; In You I Believe; Strangers; Flowers in the Rain (Dave solo track, not the Move song); Young and Innocent Days; The Man He Weeps Tonight; Death of a Clown; Living on a Thin Line; Dead End Street; Where have all the Good Times Gone?; I’m Not Like Everybody Else; You Really Got Me (with Ray Davies)

Ray Davies Sage Gateshead 2 Oct 2012

Ray Davies Sage Gateshead 2 Oct 2012
Went along to see Ray Davies, who was back at the Sage Gateshead last night. I arrive late, missing the support, and just before Ray took to the stage. The set contained a mix of well know Kinks classics, and some lesser know songs including Misfits, Muswell Hillbilly, Oklahoma USA and Full Moon, which were a change from Ray’s usual form and a nice surprise. The format of the show was similar to last time I saw Ray. He started with himself and a guitarist, bit on acoustic guitars, and then after several songs, his band joined him. All the well known songs were played: Where Have All The Good Times Gone; Dedicated Follower Of Fashion; Sunny Afternoon (which he told us he first performed in Sunderland!); See My Friends (still my favourite Kinks song); I’m Not Like Everybody Else; Autumn Almanac; Waterloo Sunset; Victoria; All Day & All Of The Night; Lola. Seeing Ray is always great. I’ve seen him quite a few times over recently, and still enjoyed it. In fact the change in setlist made last night even more enjoyable. But I still feel a little sadness that there is no sign of a Kinks reunion. Seeing Ray reminds me how great the Kinks were, and how wonderful it would be to see Dave and Mick up there beside him.
Postcript. I have added below scans of earlier gigs where we have seen Ray Davies. These include three shows at the The Tyne Theatre and another show at the Sage. All these shows were great fun, with quite similar setlists.

Glastonbury Festival Pilton Farm 25-27 June 2010

Glastonbury Festival Pilton Farm 25-27 June 2010
So we (me, Marie, Laura, David) decided to sample the delights of a modern festival. It’s 30 years since I last when to 3 day festival and stayed for all 3 days (Reading 1980), so I was quite excited about this. We travelled down on Wed and arrived Wed night. Thursday was spent exploring the massive site and on the evening we sampled Nik Turner’s Space Ritual and Curved Air (who we hardly saw as the tent in which they were playing was completely packed). Highlights were singing along to Rolf Harris who opened the Pyramid stage on Friday, Gorillaz, Muse who were just awesome on Saturday, and Ray Davies and Stevie Wonder on Sunday who turned out all the hits for us. We all had a great weekend; the festival is so big we gave up on the idea of trying to see all of the bands that we had planned and just enjoyed the event; which was great.



Ray Davies The Sage Gateshead 4 May 2010

Ray Davies The Sage Gateshead 4 May 2010
Laura and I went to see Ray Davies and his band at the Sage on Tuesday night. We arrived just as the support had finished and checked out the merchandise stall. As is often the case, there were no small ladies shirts for Laura so we passed on buying anything. Saw quite a few old friends upstairs in the bar and then took our seats (in the front row tonight!). We’ve seen Ray quite a few times lately and always enjoy hearing his classis songs. He soon took the stage accompanied by his guitarist and they launched into a set which contained many of the old Kinks favourites. Ray joked about using the “K” word; but he is clearly very proud and fond of his own musical heritage. After quite a few songs the rest of the band came on and gave us electric versions of Kinks song and some newer Ray solo material. Quite a bit of chat with the audience, with perhaps a bit less than usual about his childhood with his brother Dave. It was all over too soon with Lola as the last number and no You Really Got Me tonight. As usual a great night with a true legend of British music. But how good it would be if Dave was up there with him. Come on Ray and Dave lets see a Kinks reunion before we all get too old.
This Is Where I Belong
I Need You
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Morphine Song
Tired Of Waiting For You
Set Me Free
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
Sunny Afternoon
See My Friends
I’m Not Like Everybody Else
Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl
Too Much On My Mind
A Well Respected Man
Autumn Almanac
Till The End Of The Day
Waterloo Sunset
20th Century Man
The Tourist
The Hard Way
All Day & All Of The Night
Working Man’s Cafe
Celluloid Heroes
After The Fall
Imaginary Man