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Shakin’ Stevens Newcastle City Hall 30th May 1981

Shakin’ Stevens Newcastle City Hall 30th May 1981
SHAKYTIXLots of jiving in the aisles. Screaming girls, teds, me and my mate and Shaky on stage. “Marie, Marie”, “This Ole House” and “Green Door”. Guilty pleasure or what? OK maybe it wasn’t cool, but hey it was fun, believe me, and for that one night, for us, Shaky was the man 🙂
I first saw Shaky when he was a serious rock n roll revival contender, playing with his band the Sunsets. It was February 1972. My mate and I had been to Sunderland Locarno to see Mott the Hoople with Genesis support: heavy hippy trippy stuff, we sat cross legged on the floor for Genesis, then Mott came on, and the place went wild, ‘Unter was on top form. Anyway after the gig we were walking home from the Mecca (Locarno) and passed by Sunderland Poly’s Wearmouth Hall, which was the Students Union building. We could hear music, so we sneaked into the packed hall where a student dance was in full throw. SHAKYPROG Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets were on stage playing. Shaky was wearing a great silver lamĂ© jacket; jiving, hips swaying, very much the authentic rock n roller. There was a massive fight at the front of the hall; glasses flying, pretty nasty, one guy got seriously hurt…the police arrived…we sneaked back out and continued our walk home, quite shaken.
A few years later and Shaky was a massive chart star and we were sitting down at the front at the City Hall. Support for the City Hall concert came from rockabilly band The Jets.
Shakin’ Stevens setlist from 1981: I Need Your Love Tonight; I’m Knockin’; Hot Dog; Mona Lisa; Let Me Show You How; I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter; Shotgun Boogie; Marie, Marie; It’s Raining; You Drive Me Crazy; Green Door; This Ole House
I only saw Shaky on these two occasions.