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The Inmates Redcar Coatham Bowl 1980

The Inmates Redcar Coatham Bowl 1980
inmates I’d forgotten about this band, until I came across my ticket stub for a gig at Redcar Coatham Bowl in 1980. The Inmates (I’ve just checked and they are still playing to this day) are a garage rock band who based their style on 60s music such as the Pretty Things and the early Stones. I also had them catalogued alongside the Feelgoods and the Hot Rods in my own mind. In fact, Barrie Masters of the Hot Rods stepped in as lead singer for the Inmates for a short period when their singer Bill Hurley wasn’t well. I remember them as a great night out, and wondered at the time why they never managed to achieve greater success. A DVD entitled Back in History – Live 1980 showcases their live set from the same year as I saw them at Redcar and includes “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” “Jealousy,” “Talk Talk,” “So Much in Love”, “Talkin’ Bout You”, “Some Kinda Wonderful,” “The Walk” and their minor hit which was an ode to the Thames River, “Dirty Water.” The line-up of the Inmates was: Peter Gunn – Guitar, Vocals; Bill Hurley – Vocals; Ben Donnelly – Bass; Tony Oliver – Guitar; and John Bull/Eddie – Drums. Support came from local band The Carpettes, who I saw lots of times in the late 70s and early 80s. Happy days. I miss Sunday nights in Redcar.