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Randy Newman The Sage Gateshead 16 May 2010

Randy Newman The Sage Gateshead 16 May 2010

Laura and I had similar views about this one. We both knew some of his better known songs, and quite fancied seeing him, but neither of us can pretend to be great fans, or to know even a small proportion of Randy’s massive back catalogue. So we decided to buy tickets just a week or so before the gig, at which stage the only seats that were available were in the upper level, looking down over the stage.
We arrived in time for the start, as we knew that there was no support act and that Randy would be doing two sets. He took the stage at around 8pm and sat down at his piano. We were then treated to set list which consisted of what seemed to me to be a complete review of his career. He played all of the songs that I hoped to hear, and a whole lot more that I didn’t know. So we got Small people, Mama told me not to come, Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear, You can keep your hat on, You and Me Babe (is that the correct title? I didn’t know he wrote that one! I need to check who had a hit with it in the 60s!). We also got more recent material from the Toy Story films. All of these were interspersed with some great funny little stories. I don’t know how many songs he sang, but there were lots of them.
Laura and I both enjoyed it and were pleased that we made the effort to go along and see him.