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Little Bob Story The Rex Hotel Whitley Bay 1977?

Little Bob Story The Rex Hotel Whitley Bay 1977?
lbs Its funny the things that stick in your mind. My mate Norm and I went to this gig around 35 years ago, and yet it is one of the gigs that we still talk about today. I can’t remember exactly when we saw Little Bob, but it was probably some time in 1977. Little Bob Story were a French rock’n’roll band who came over to the UK at the time of the pub rock boom, and then got caught up in the punk scene. They signed to Chiswick records and released an album, Off the Rails, and a few singles over here. Little Bob Story music was a blend of R&B, rock’n’roll and blues, and was quite Stones-influenced. They were often referred to as “The French Dr Feelgood”. Little Bob Story were fronted by singer Rogomme Roberto Piazza, who was a big guy, and the band name was often taken as his name. Their albums, and their live set, contained a mix of originals and classics such as “Lucille” (Chuck Berry), “I’m Crying” (Animals), and “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” (Bob Dylan). Live they were a pretty hot rock’n’roll act, and Roberto (or Little Bob) was a pretty great front guy. Norm and I certainly enjoyed the gig and, as I say, we still talk about it today. The Rex was host to many gigs throughout the 60s and 70s, and is a majestic hotel which sits on the sea front at Whitley Bay, in the North East of England. I don’t have a ticket stub for the gig as it must have been a pay at the door affair, but Norm did buy a badge which he snapped for me. Norm says “Long Live Leetle Bob!”.