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Del Amitri Newcastle City Hall 26 January 2014

Del Amitri Newcastle City Hall 26 January 2014
Support from The Os
deltixI’ve never seen Del Amitri, and quite like some of their songs, so last night I was making up for lost time, and went to see them at Newcastle City Hall on the fourth night of their reunion tour. And good there were too. I’d forgotten just how many great songs this band have. They started with Always the Last to Know and Kiss This Thing Goodbye. The set featured an acoustic section which closed with a rousing version of Nothing Ever Happens. Other highlights were Roll to Me, and the final encore, the simply beautiful Move Away Jimmy Blue, which is my favourite and actually was the main reason I went along last night. delprog
Setlist (something like): Always the Last to Know; Kiss This Thing Goodbye; The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere; Just Like a Man; What I Think She Sees; Not Where It’s At; Hammering Heart; This Side of the Morning; Sleep Instead of Teardrops; Be My Downfall; Food for Songs; Tell Her This; In the Frame; Nothing Ever Happens; Roll to Me; Driving With the Brakes On; Spit in the Rain; Being Somebody Else; Drunk in a Band. Encore: In the Meantime; Here and Now; Just Before You Leave; Move Away Jimmy Blue.
Justin Currie speaking of the current tour in the Scotsman newspaper: “We started talking quite honestly about it….You know, will it be any good or will it be rubbish? We wanted to only enter into it if it was going to be decent, although only the audience can tell us that, of course.”