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Culture Club Newcastle City Hall 1983

Culture Club Newcastle City Hall 1983
Dave and I went to see Culture Club at Newcastle City Hall in March 1983. This is the only time that I have seen the band. At this point in their career Culture Club had released their first lp “Kissing to be Clever” and had hit the singles chart twice, with the No 1 single “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” and a No 3 hit with “Time (Clock of the Heart)”. This was their first major tour, before they became really mega, with the release of the massive “Colour by Numbers” album and the world wide hit “Karma Charmeleon”. Boy George was (and still is) a fascinating character, and it was to see him and to hear the hit singles that drew us to The City Hall that night. Support came from The Swinging Laurels, reportedly at the request of George. The concert was pretty good; George looked great in a multi-coloured suit/dress and had impressive dreadlocks. I remember the music as being a mix of pop and reggae, and the sound much quieter than most rock gigs. The gig was sold out, and had been for some time in advance. I seem to recall that we went on to the Mayfair after the gig that night to see Marillion. I haven’t seen Culture Club since that night, although I did sit in the next row to Boy George on a flight to Munich once. A bootleg recording of the Liverpool show of this tour gives the setlist as: Boy Boy (I’m The Boy); I’ll Tumble 4 Ya; Mister Man; Take Control; Black Money; Love Twist; Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?; You Know I’m Not Crazy; I’m Afraid Of Me; White Boys Can’t Control It; It’s A Miracle; Church Of The Poison Mind; White Boy; Time (Clock Of The Heart)