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Made of Stone Film Premier live relay Newcastle Tyne Theatre 30 May 2013

Made of Stone Film Premier live relay Newcastle Tyneside Cinema 30 May 2013
Made-of-stone-poster1 Laura and I went to the Tyneside Cinema last night to see the Stone Roses documentary, Heart of Stone. The screening was relayed live from the premier which took place at the Victoria Warehouse Manchester. The film was simultaneously broadcast to 200 UK cinemas, and goes on general release nationwide on 5 June. The show started off with interviews of fans arriving on the red carpet, including members of the cast of This is England (which was also directed by Shane Meadows), and Mick Jones of The Clash. Then Shane, Ian Brown, John Squire, and Mani (Reni had a cold!), were introduced to the Manchester crowd (and us!) and the film was shown. Meadow’s documentary features footage from across the band’s career and their comeback shows of last year. It tracked the reunion from its announcement at a press conference in London, through some great video of the rehearsals, the secret warm-up show at Warrington Parr Hall, gigs in Europe and finished with footage from the tremendous Heaton Park gigs (Laura and I were at the Sunday gig). This was interspersed with flashbacks to the Roses in their early days. I enjoyed the movie, the live footage from Warrington (now that must have been a gig to be at!) and Heaton Park being the best bits. Personally I would have preferred a little less of the former (there was quite a bit about the excitement of fans getting their tickets for Warrington) and more of the latter. This was more a celebration of the band and the reunion from a fan perspective (Meadows is a massive Roses fan) with little analysis of the band and the relationship between the members. The incident in Amsterdam where Reni refused to come back on stage for an encore (Ian to the crowd: “the drummers gone home” and “the drummers a c**t”) was shown, but we were told little about what really happened, indeed the film crew left the tour at that point, so as not to intrude, and picked things p again at Heaton Park. The documentary captures excellent versionz of Fools Gold at Heaton Park and of She’s a Waterfall during rehearsals. After the film there was a Q&A with Shane Meadows. This simultaneous broadcast is an interesting concept and worked quite well last night. The Tyneside Cinema was pretty full, and the crowd clearly enjoyed the movie, applauding it at the end.

The Stone Roses Heaton Park Manchester July 1st 2012

The Stone Roses Heaton Park Manchester July 1st 2012
I never saw The Stone Roses fist time round; they were around during a period where I wasn’t seeing quite as many gigs as usual, focussing on family and work. In recent years Laura has become heavily into the band, so when they announced this series of reunion gigs in their hometown we decided we should go along. Laura is singing at a friends wedding in a couple of weeks with a group of mates from university who are scattered around the country at the moment, and they were rehearsing at a studio in Wakefield on Sunday afternoon. So my first task was to drive to Wakefield, pick her up and drive across to Manchester for the gig. Picked Laura up about 5pm in Wakefield and then we drove across to Manchester, arriving at Heaton Park, around 6.30pm. We got straight into the disabled parking, and it was a short walk to the nearest entrance to the park, and then up to the disabled platform, which was at the back of the park, facing directly onto the stage. Full marks to everyone for the organisation. The place was rammed by the time we got to the platform, but we got there without any problem at all, and everyone was very helpful. Laura had brought her white cane, and everyone made room, and we got through the crowds no problem at all. The Wailers were on as we arrived, playing a selection of old Bob Marley classics. They were pretty good, but the crowd din’t seem to be taking a lot of notice of them. Next up was Plan B. His current act is a mixture of a 60s soul revue and hip hop / rap. I thought he pretty good, much better than I had expected and the crowd gave him a good reception. But everyone was there for the main event. Around 9.10pm the Supremes “Stoned Love” boomed across the PA, and then the heroes of the night took to the stage, starting with “I wanna be adored”. Not being a fan and feeling quite old; I did feel a bit like an intruder at a stranger’s party at times. This band means so much to everyone there. Everyone knew every word, and the atmosphere was just great. The Stone Roses played all of the first album and a few tracks from the second. John Squire was just astounding on guitar. I hadn’t realised how good he was, and how much of a guitar band The Roses were. Ian sang ok, and was in 100% control of the crowd. Mani had a smile right across his face. Reni kept the rhythm at the back. I heard lots of the 60s in the music: Jefferson AirPlane, Love, The Byrds, The Doors, The Floyd, there were all there in Squire’s guitar and in the visuals. We were chatting to a guy called Eddie on the platform, who kindly explained all the visuals (which were also impressive) to Laura. We left during the instrumental jam part of “I am the Resurrection” but could hear all of it as we walked to the car. Just as we got to the car park we saw the fireworks light up the sky. Our plan of leaving during the last song worked well; we were straight out of the car park just after 11pm, and straight onto the motorway, which was amazing. Back home at 1.15am. Have been reflecting on what I experienced last night. The vibe of the day was like no other gig I can remember. This was much much more than a concert. It was a generation celebrating their youth, and reaffirming their belief in four guys that took them on a journey which was all too brief and stopped short; and for three special nights everyone in the park were at one with those guys on the stage again. It was something special to be part of. Support acts: Justice Tonight Band, The Wailers, Plan B, The Stone Roses.
Setlist: I Wanna Be Adored; Mersey Paradise; (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister’; Sally Cinnamon; Where Angels Play; Shoot You Down; Bye Bye Badman; Ten Storey Love Song; Standing Here; Fools Gold; Something’s Burning; Waterfall; Don’t Stop; Love Spreads; Made Of Stone; This Is The One; She Bangs The Drums; Elizabeth My Dear; I Am The Resurrection.