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Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson Newcastle City Hall 1975

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson Newcastle City Hall 1975
Support from Jet
hunterronsontix This seemed a strange, yet exciting, pairing at the time. I’d seen both artists individually; Hunter with Mott the Hoople, who were one of the best live acts around in the early 1970s, and Ronson with David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars, and on own his solo tour. So I was interested to see what the two together would be like, and went along with some mates to the gig at Newcastle City Hall. Hunter had just released his first solo album, which Mick Ronson featured on, and the single Once Bitten Twice Shy was just about to be released. Ronson had released the solo album Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, and a second album was on its way. The set was a mix of tracks from both artists solo albums, and a few Mott favourites. The pairing worked well, and it was a good gig. Both guys were heroes of mine at the time. They were both strong personalities on stage, each having their own style and swagger. Happy Days. The excellent Glasgow Apollo site has a setlist from the show at that venue, which took place a couple of days before we saw Hunter and Ronson at Newcastle. I would think the set at Newcastle will have been similar: Once Bitten Twice Shy (Hunter and Ronson); Lounge Lizard (Hunter); Angel No.9 (Ronson); Growing Up and I’m Fine (Ronson); Who Do You Love? (Hunter); White Light/White Heat (cover; from Ronson album and also covered by Bowie and the Spiders); Boy (Hunter); Play Don’t Worry (title track of Ronson second album); The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin’ but the Truth (Hunter); Roll Away the Stone (Mott); Slaughter on 10th Avenue (Ronson); The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Mott); All the Way from Memphis (Mott); All the Young Dudes (Mott); The Girl Can’t Help It (a cover, but from Ronson’s second album). Support for the tour came from Jet who were a short lived glam rock with a strong pedigree. The line-up was Andy Ellison (crazy frontman and vocals, ex-John’s Children, went on to front Radio Stars), Martin Gordon (bass, ex-Sparks and also was later in Radio Stars), Chris Townson (drums, formerly in John’s Children and also was later in Radio Stars), David O’List (lead guitar, ex-The Nice) and Peter Oxendale (keyboards and breifly in Sparks).