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The Kane Gang Newcastle Mayfair November 1984

The Kane Gang Newcastle Mayfair November 1984
kanegang I saw The Kane Gang at Newcastle Mayfair in late 1984, when they were touring around the time of their “Small Town Creed” and “Closest Thing to Heaven” singles, both of which made the singles chart that year. The Kane Gang come from the North East, and featured two vocalists, Martin Brammer and Paul Woods and Dave Brewis on guitar. This was a home gig for them. My memory is of a soul revue type show, with a large backing band. Support came from Big Sound Authority. I found a setlist from a gig of that period: Loserville; Amusement Park; How Much Longer; Printers Devil; Small Town Creed; Closest thing to heaven; Gun Law; Brother Brother; Respect Yourself; Mighty Day. Just watched “Small Town Creed” on YouTube. Its a pretty fine song, and brought back some memories of seeing the two guys sing it. This band is largely forgotten, other than for “Closest Thing to Heaven” which was their biggest hit. A CD retrospective has recently been released which includes their entire recorded output, and had had pretty good reviews.