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Roger Daltrey plays Tommy The Sage Gateshead 4 July 2011

Roger Daltrey plays Tommy The Sage Gateshead 4 July 2011
Tommy was one of the first albums I ever bought. I can picture myself in Binns record store looking through the album sleeves. I remember choosing between The Crazy World of Arthur Brown lp and Tommy, and taking the Who album home and playing on my uncles radiogram.
I wasn’t too sure how this was going to be. I’ve seen a couple of Who shows over the last few years where Roger’s voice hasn’t been too good, so I must admit I had doubts about how he would cope with a full Tommy show. I needn’t have worried. This was so much better that I hoped for. There were a few times when I wondered if Roger’s voice would hold out, but it seemed to get stronger as the night went on. Roger was clearly enjoying himself and has assembled an excellent band who truly do justice to the Who’s rock opera. Simon Townsend (Pete’s brother) is a great sideman for Roger, and at times sounds (and looks) like his elder brother.
This was a marathon two and a half hour show, with Roger going on to play some great Who tunes. Not sure when I last saw the Who play Pictures of Lilly or I Can See for Miles (my favourite Who song), but its certainly a long time ago and it was great to see and hear them played again. Simon took vocals for Going Mobile and did a great job of it. A great night. I could go and see him again tomorrow and wouldn’t be bored. Made me realise just how great the Who were, and how much they still mean to me. Hope Pete returns and I get to see The Who again one day.
Set list (Tommy): Overture; It’s a Boy; 1921; Amazing Journey; Sparks; Eyesight to the Blind; Christmas; Cousin Kevin; The Acid Queen; Underture; Do You Think It’s Alright; Fiddle About; Pinball Wizard; There’s A Doctor; Go to The Mirror; Tommy Can You Hear Me; Smash The Mirror; Sensation; Miracle Cure; Sally Simpson; I’m Free; Welcome; Tommy’s Holiday Camp; We’re Not Gonna Take It
Who classics and others: Who Are You; Pictures of Lily; Tattoo; I Can See for Miles; Behind Blue Eyes; Real Good Looking Boy; Days Of Light; Going Mobile; Young Man Blues; Baba O’Riley; Red Blue Grey


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