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Cocteau Twins Newcastle Tiffanys 1984

Cocteau Twins Newcastle Tiffanys 1984
Support Felt
I went along to this gig with my mate Dave. We weren’t that familiar with the band’s music other than the exquisite “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops” single. I recall that the place was absolutely packed to the rafters, to the extent that you could hardly move at all. We were surprised just how popular the band were. I’m afraid I don’t recall whether or not we saw support act Felt. I remember being impressed by vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, whose “distinctive singing earned much critical praise. She was once described as “the voice of God.” (from Wiki). This band has somewhat legendary status these days, so I’m pleased I got to see them. I had a t-shirt from the gig, which was worn out and thrown away some years ago. I’ve just checked their gigography and now realise that I also saw The Cocteau Twins a year earlier in 1983, supporting Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. A recording exists of the Tiffanys gig, featuring the tracks: “Hitherto”, “Kookaburra”, “Sugar Hiccup”, and “Pearly Dewdrops Drops”. A review of the recording says: “the gig itself is a bit of an oddity. It might be due to the sound quality but Liz Fraser’s voice sounds much more upfront in the front, and she’s throwing out strange vocal inflections into nearly every line, oversinging almost everything to the point of almost showing off.”